Friday, October 5, 2007

Save Life...

Why? Can I ask why? Why is a life the most cheap thing available today? You want to take a life, no problem just send people of to war.

Iraq /Afghanistan War: Planning a war might be really hard, the strategy, the point of attack but estimate of loss of life is so simple...You loose some.... WHY? What are you expecting to take your army into another country to create democracy?

I just fail to understand, each day we hear and read how many people are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am NOT pointing out that Bush and America is doing right or wrong but just pointing out...Iraqis are dying, Americans are there some one who cares? 1 American soldier dies and there news all over the world, there are 1 minute silences and etc.

Each day there are at least 20 or more people dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, are they not humans, do they not have the SAME right to live like us. Consider one of your family members dying and imagine the amount of people effected by that one loss of imagine how many people are affected each day when so many people die.

I think of loosing a family member and just cannot even imagine how miserable my life would become, then I think of all these people dying each day and that scares me so much. Does the world not care anymore? Is everyone just concerned about their own circle?

The world wont last for long if we just keep on thinking of ourselves and our close ones. Its like blood (you cannot reproduce it artificially even after all the technological advances) and its because of people donating it that its available to others...

Think people...a life is a life, its the SAME life you and me are living and its being lost somewhere else for what? For democracy, for Osama or for Oil?

Life is life, and freedom is not a requirement its a RIGHT that everyone has!