Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I can hear the cries....

Yes I can....of all those mothers, all those children and especially all those wounded, bleeding left to die. Mothers crying looking at their sons dead. Children crying looking at their parents dying, but the senseless fighting continues.

The entire world is in a depression, no not financial but humanitarian depression. There are no more wars being fought, the concept of a traditional war is now finished. Today countries go and "fight" instead. Today countries attack without substantial reason, they cross borders and do their "missions" to make the enemy weaker so they can never wage a war, defined as: an active struggle between competing entities, if only that was true. The only struggle now is for power and oil. Tomorrow when the oil finishes, it will be for power and water and when water finishes, whats left?

I call this barbaric killing. Be it teenagers killing 150+ innocent people in Mumbai or sophisticated drones smoothly flying above us and dropping bombs at houses where "intel" says has a 10% probability of a militant, ending up killing entire families or be it soldiers in Iraq killing innocent people who refuse to raise their hands in their own land and the winner: 2000 innocent people dying courtesy Israel bombing Palestine from a land that is not even theirs in the first place. Welcome to the World!

My heart, my mind and my logic now conflict with each other. My heart says the world will become a peaceful place, my mind shows me the reality of people still dying for no cause and finally my logic....has now become illogical as it can not add up why it sees people dying all around it. 1+1=2 was I guess simple. 50,000 dead + for no reason = system failure.

Our parents grew up in a world at its best and will leave it at its worst. We grew up in a not so perfect world and are watching it burn in front of our eyes. I pity our children who will be born into a burned world with nothing left. My heart has actually died now, its beating yes but only for the sake because it has to, not because it wants to. Every day when I walk back from work I think of all those people who must have died today in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan and other countries where innocent people are the target and I thank God that I am alive in a country that is stable (for now), but then I hate myself for this selfishness. I am a coward, I can do nothing. I've also bought into this fake reality of life where everyone is happy as long as its not their number. Why don't I go back and fight for the innocent, but wait...logic has taught me that is not possible as the game is being played at level that I can never even imagine. The true motives for any action being carried out in all these conflicts is so disguised that a ordinary man can do nothing. See...here I go again telling my self to stay quite and continue my robotic life with the same 9-5 job and routine....

Today we never just go out and do something that we know is right. We always thing of the if's and buts and consequences, but there is no consequence if you are right. Frustrated from these killings and of myself I have come back to write this tonight because I know if I had gone to bed now, tomorrow would have been just another day but these feelings would have died inside again like every other night.

I wish I could do more, I wish I could help the world, I wish I could Save A Life ...

Good Night World, sleep peacefully...but stay awake for those bombs and bullets falling around you...but wait thats not us, its them right?