Wednesday, January 2, 2008

End of the World?

Another year (2007) finished. Another year (2008) started. Where is the world heading to? So many deaths in 2007, are we going to beat the record in 2008?

Can some one tell me what is happening in the world? Look in Pakistan, there are innocent people dying in suicide bomb attacks. These are ordinary people like you and me who are just out doing the usual stuff and next thing you know it, your dead, and oh not just dead, your body is blow up into pieces. Nice way to go!

Whats *still* going on in Iraq and Afghanistan? According to an independent estimate, around 25,000 (25k) innocent people died in Iraq in the year 2007. Now to some that might be just a figure, but to others, thats 25 thousand innocent people dead. Now lets just suppose that every one person dying effects atleast 5 people connected to them. Do the math!

Afghanistan is same as it was. Thank you Mr. Jack ass Bush, the situation has gotten ugly from worse and same is the case in Iraq, the situation was ugly, now its a disaster. Good going jack ass! With a couple of more people like you, soon there will be no one alive in Iraq and Afghanistan to kill...hmm then you'll probably start off with Iran and find WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) there! Good luck!

Pakistan, a nice country screwed by their President Mr. Musharraf courtesy of Mr. Bush (yes the same jack ass above). To keep Washington happy, Mr. Musharraf started killing his own people saying they were millitants. Yes they were millitants and were doing wrong things, but there is a bluddy way to handle a situation you idiot. After 30 years of feeding the same people to do your jobs, you just dont go and blow them apart. Why? Well because in those 30 years they were also training 300,000 of their own people to carry out suicide attacks when required. So0o0, coming back to today, we see suicide bomber of all ages blowing themselves up to kill political leaders. One of the most well known Benazir Bhutto was targeted and died.

When will this brutal killing stop? When will the leader of the world and the people sitting in the UN (by the way being funded by Mr. Bush as well) realize that there has to be a limit, there had to be a line that MUST not be crossed. Just think like this, if you die, count how many people will get affected by that and to what extent and then think of all the people dying each day (courtesy terrorism, Mr. Bush and other well known figures).

With this I would hope and pray that 2008 is a more peaceful year for you, your loved ones and for all of us around the world. Lets live in peace.