Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stop this killing!

I've come back to write something down after a long time....but the hurt and agony in my heart has kept on increasing since the last time I was here. Nothing has changed....Its September 2008, nothing at all has changed, infact things have gotten more and more worse. Right when everyone thinks that things just can not get worser, they do. People...innocent people are still dying every day. Iraq is more worse, bombings are now a normal thing there. I guess another year and now for sure there will no one left to kill there. Pakistan is screwed so badly with suicide bombings everywhere and who gets to die? Just some one like you and me going out to get some bread, coming back from work, or going to pray (be it a mosque or a church or any place). Just today there were bombings in India....25 people died with over 100 cricically injured. Look at what Israel is *still* doing to Palestine.... When will this end people? Why is there so much killing? Is this why God made this world so that we could screw it in every possible way....Dammit one innocent person dies, that effects a whole group of people so its NOT just one life gone, its a whole bunch of lives that will never remain the same but I guess as they say " can this be has the whole world gone blind, or maybe cause it NOT affecting my kind...". Even today Governments of world, top listed the USA, UK, China, Russia...these are the super dooper powers of the world and what are they doing to make things fine? "Oh lets send in more troops...more fire power...more land to occupy, more fuel to get, more power power power". What are you going to do with so much power when you too like all of us will end up in a grave...alone.
I am so worried about this world. What has it become, what have we become. Who can make a change? Is writing about something the only solution or should something be done about this. People are dying in Africa because there is no food, so many people died in the Earthquake in China but all of us forgot that as soon as the olympics started....why is human nature like this? Why can't we actually change BEFORE something bad happens to us...
At times my heart cries but tears dont come out from my eyes and I look up at the sky and try to see how many souls are going up for no reason...just because they were trying to live their lives.... Islam, the most logical and fair religion of all, is today the most controversal and misinterperated religion. People are going and blowing themselves up in a crowd thinking this is the road to can you kill even one innocent life and think you will go to heaven? Its even simpler than 1+1=?
But who cares? Life goes on right...till the day its our turn and then it will be too late to look back and realize what could have been done...
Please stop this killing. Lets live in peace, lets live.