Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Empty Hearts

"Keep love in your hearts. A life without it is like a sunless garden where the flowers are dead"
- Oscar Wilde

My last post on this blog was around 3 year ago. Its not that I've stopped thinking or feeling about the organized chaos that keeps on elevating. Neither have I stopped seeing the pain on the faces of those going through this unjust torture. Then why did it take me such a long time to come here to vent my pain? Simple:  Like almost everyone else in this ever so busy world, my heart is also getting numb,  its getting empty.

From the ongoing killings in Pakistan, the continuing ignorance of the US in Afghanistan, the so called liberation of the Libyans, the massacres in Syria, the broken promises to the Palestinians, the riots across the UK, the religious war in Nigeria to the never ending greed for more power, more oil, more resources by those 20% that already have 80% of all the resources, my heart just can not cope up any more. The shouting voice inside of me is getting quite.

Syria Massacre
Don't live empty lives with empty hearts. Look at the pain and suffering around you. Just because it's not happening to us doesn't mean it cannot happen to us. We all came from and will go to the same place so why have we created so much differences and society classes in between?

We live in a world where our resources are more than enough, yet we want more. Can you imagine that while we are wasting our food and water there is a child in Africa that is dying every minute for not having that food which we're wasting. The rich keep on getting richer, the poor keep on getting poorer. Steve jobs once said "I don't want to be the richest man in the cemetery". Isn't that where we all are going to go regardless of what ever religion you're from...you have to die. The video below by the guy who kept quite and entrained us all is so true:

I look at Pakistan, my own country that has given me so much. The gap between the rich and poor has increased so much that its astonishing. Look at India, from one angle they are the next big super power but from another angle there are people dying everyday of poverty. Take the big boys like the US and China....same problem, only bigger. Why can't we all learn to spend as much as we need, not need as much as we can spend. What we consider luxury could be necessity for someone else and this is not philosophical talk, this is happening everywhere around us, not just Africa. Look at your neighbours, your friends, people you see on the streets and you'll see what you have is a blessing from someone else's eyes. 

Some say life is short, enjoy it to its fullest. I say life is short, so keep a balance. Don't go around spending $50k in Vegas when you know the person next to you barely has $100 to survive. Enjoy yourselves but give back as well. 

Until next time, take care.

- Adeel

Thursday, May 21, 2009

You see the pain but can you feel it?

The City of Flowers becomes the city of Bomb - Peshawar, Pakistan. Can you see the agony in the cries? No you can't...I can't cause its not happening to us right?

What is the cost of this pain?

Is this the world I want grow up in? A world full of pain and suffering only for my people? I'm a kid, can you see my fear? (Palestine)

Car bomb in Peshawar, a major city of Pakistan that killed 11 innocent people. Can you see the pain and agony no the face of these innocent people?

I lost everything...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I can hear the cries....

Yes I can....of all those mothers, all those children and especially all those wounded, bleeding left to die. Mothers crying looking at their sons dead. Children crying looking at their parents dying, but the senseless fighting continues.

The entire world is in a depression, no not financial but humanitarian depression. There are no more wars being fought, the concept of a traditional war is now finished. Today countries go and "fight" instead. Today countries attack without substantial reason, they cross borders and do their "missions" to make the enemy weaker so they can never wage a war, defined as: an active struggle between competing entities, if only that was true. The only struggle now is for power and oil. Tomorrow when the oil finishes, it will be for power and water and when water finishes, whats left?

I call this barbaric killing. Be it teenagers killing 150+ innocent people in Mumbai or sophisticated drones smoothly flying above us and dropping bombs at houses where "intel" says has a 10% probability of a militant, ending up killing entire families or be it soldiers in Iraq killing innocent people who refuse to raise their hands in their own land and the winner: 2000 innocent people dying courtesy Israel bombing Palestine from a land that is not even theirs in the first place. Welcome to the World!

My heart, my mind and my logic now conflict with each other. My heart says the world will become a peaceful place, my mind shows me the reality of people still dying for no cause and finally my logic....has now become illogical as it can not add up why it sees people dying all around it. 1+1=2 was I guess simple. 50,000 dead + for no reason = system failure.

Our parents grew up in a world at its best and will leave it at its worst. We grew up in a not so perfect world and are watching it burn in front of our eyes. I pity our children who will be born into a burned world with nothing left. My heart has actually died now, its beating yes but only for the sake because it has to, not because it wants to. Every day when I walk back from work I think of all those people who must have died today in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan and other countries where innocent people are the target and I thank God that I am alive in a country that is stable (for now), but then I hate myself for this selfishness. I am a coward, I can do nothing. I've also bought into this fake reality of life where everyone is happy as long as its not their number. Why don't I go back and fight for the innocent, but wait...logic has taught me that is not possible as the game is being played at level that I can never even imagine. The true motives for any action being carried out in all these conflicts is so disguised that a ordinary man can do nothing. See...here I go again telling my self to stay quite and continue my robotic life with the same 9-5 job and routine....

Today we never just go out and do something that we know is right. We always thing of the if's and buts and consequences, but there is no consequence if you are right. Frustrated from these killings and of myself I have come back to write this tonight because I know if I had gone to bed now, tomorrow would have been just another day but these feelings would have died inside again like every other night.

I wish I could do more, I wish I could help the world, I wish I could Save A Life ...

Good Night World, sleep peacefully...but stay awake for those bombs and bullets falling around you...but wait thats not us, its them right?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stop this killing!

I've come back to write something down after a long time....but the hurt and agony in my heart has kept on increasing since the last time I was here. Nothing has changed....Its September 2008, nothing at all has changed, infact things have gotten more and more worse. Right when everyone thinks that things just can not get worser, they do. People...innocent people are still dying every day. Iraq is more worse, bombings are now a normal thing there. I guess another year and now for sure there will no one left to kill there. Pakistan is screwed so badly with suicide bombings everywhere and who gets to die? Just some one like you and me going out to get some bread, coming back from work, or going to pray (be it a mosque or a church or any place). Just today there were bombings in India....25 people died with over 100 cricically injured. Look at what Israel is *still* doing to Palestine.... When will this end people? Why is there so much killing? Is this why God made this world so that we could screw it in every possible way....Dammit one innocent person dies, that effects a whole group of people so its NOT just one life gone, its a whole bunch of lives that will never remain the same but I guess as they say "....how can this be has the whole world gone blind, or maybe cause it NOT affecting my kind...". Even today Governments of world, top listed the USA, UK, China, Russia...these are the super dooper powers of the world and what are they doing to make things fine? "Oh lets send in more troops...more fire power...more land to occupy, more fuel to get, more power power power". What are you going to do with so much power when you too like all of us will end up in a grave...alone.
I am so worried about this world. What has it become, what have we become. Who can make a change? Is writing about something the only solution or should something be done about this. People are dying in Africa because there is no food, so many people died in the Earthquake in China but all of us forgot that as soon as the olympics started....why is human nature like this? Why can't we actually change BEFORE something bad happens to us...
At times my heart cries but tears dont come out from my eyes and I look up at the sky and try to see how many souls are going up for no reason...just because they were trying to live their lives.... Islam, the most logical and fair religion of all, is today the most controversal and misinterperated religion. People are going and blowing themselves up in a crowd thinking this is the road to heaven....how can you kill even one innocent life and think you will go to heaven? Its even simpler than 1+1=?
But who cares? Life goes on right...till the day its our turn and then it will be too late to look back and realize what could have been done...
Please stop this killing. Lets live in peace, lets live.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

End of the World?

Another year (2007) finished. Another year (2008) started. Where is the world heading to? So many deaths in 2007, are we going to beat the record in 2008?

Can some one tell me what is happening in the world? Look in Pakistan, there are innocent people dying in suicide bomb attacks. These are ordinary people like you and me who are just out doing the usual stuff and next thing you know it, your dead, and oh not just dead, your body is blow up into pieces. Nice way to go!

Whats *still* going on in Iraq and Afghanistan? According to an independent estimate, around 25,000 (25k) innocent people died in Iraq in the year 2007. Now to some that might be just a figure, but to others, thats 25 thousand innocent people dead. Now lets just suppose that every one person dying effects atleast 5 people connected to them. Do the math!

Afghanistan is same as it was. Thank you Mr. Jack ass Bush, the situation has gotten ugly from worse and same is the case in Iraq, the situation was ugly, now its a disaster. Good going jack ass! With a couple of more people like you, soon there will be no one alive in Iraq and Afghanistan to kill...hmm then you'll probably start off with Iran and find WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) there! Good luck!

Pakistan, a nice country screwed by their President Mr. Musharraf courtesy of Mr. Bush (yes the same jack ass above). To keep Washington happy, Mr. Musharraf started killing his own people saying they were millitants. Yes they were millitants and were doing wrong things, but there is a bluddy way to handle a situation you idiot. After 30 years of feeding the same people to do your jobs, you just dont go and blow them apart. Why? Well because in those 30 years they were also training 300,000 of their own people to carry out suicide attacks when required. So0o0, coming back to today, we see suicide bomber of all ages blowing themselves up to kill political leaders. One of the most well known Benazir Bhutto was targeted and died.

When will this brutal killing stop? When will the leader of the world and the people sitting in the UN (by the way being funded by Mr. Bush as well) realize that there has to be a limit, there had to be a line that MUST not be crossed. Just think like this, if you die, count how many people will get affected by that and to what extent and then think of all the people dying each day (courtesy terrorism, Mr. Bush and other well known figures).

With this I would hope and pray that 2008 is a more peaceful year for you, your loved ones and for all of us around the world. Lets live in peace.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Save Life...

Why? Can I ask why? Why is a life the most cheap thing available today? You want to take a life, no problem just send people of to war.

Iraq /Afghanistan War: Planning a war might be really hard, the strategy, the point of attack but estimate of loss of life is so simple...You loose some.... WHY? What are you expecting to take your army into another country to create democracy?

I just fail to understand, each day we hear and read how many people are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am NOT pointing out that Bush and America is doing right or wrong but just pointing out...Iraqis are dying, Americans are dying....is there some one who cares? 1 American soldier dies and there news all over the world, there are 1 minute silences and etc.

Each day there are at least 20 or more people dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, are they not humans, do they not have the SAME right to live like us. Consider one of your family members dying and imagine the amount of people effected by that one loss of life....now imagine how many people are affected each day when so many people die.

I think of loosing a family member and just cannot even imagine how miserable my life would become, then I think of all these people dying each day and that scares me so much. Does the world not care anymore? Is everyone just concerned about their own circle?

The world wont last for long if we just keep on thinking of ourselves and our close ones. Its like blood (you cannot reproduce it artificially even after all the technological advances) and its because of people donating it that its available to others...

Think people...a life is a life, its the SAME life you and me are living and its being lost somewhere else for what? For democracy, for Osama or for Oil?

Life is life, and freedom is not a requirement its a RIGHT that everyone has!