Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Empty Hearts

"Keep love in your hearts. A life without it is like a sunless garden where the flowers are dead"
- Oscar Wilde

My last post on this blog was around 3 year ago. Its not that I've stopped thinking or feeling about the organized chaos that keeps on elevating. Neither have I stopped seeing the pain on the faces of those going through this unjust torture. Then why did it take me such a long time to come here to vent my pain? Simple:  Like almost everyone else in this ever so busy world, my heart is also getting numb,  its getting empty.

From the ongoing killings in Pakistan, the continuing ignorance of the US in Afghanistan, the so called liberation of the Libyans, the massacres in Syria, the broken promises to the Palestinians, the riots across the UK, the religious war in Nigeria to the never ending greed for more power, more oil, more resources by those 20% that already have 80% of all the resources, my heart just can not cope up any more. The shouting voice inside of me is getting quite.

Syria Massacre
Don't live empty lives with empty hearts. Look at the pain and suffering around you. Just because it's not happening to us doesn't mean it cannot happen to us. We all came from and will go to the same place so why have we created so much differences and society classes in between?

We live in a world where our resources are more than enough, yet we want more. Can you imagine that while we are wasting our food and water there is a child in Africa that is dying every minute for not having that food which we're wasting. The rich keep on getting richer, the poor keep on getting poorer. Steve jobs once said "I don't want to be the richest man in the cemetery". Isn't that where we all are going to go regardless of what ever religion you're from...you have to die. The video below by the guy who kept quite and entrained us all is so true:

I look at Pakistan, my own country that has given me so much. The gap between the rich and poor has increased so much that its astonishing. Look at India, from one angle they are the next big super power but from another angle there are people dying everyday of poverty. Take the big boys like the US and China....same problem, only bigger. Why can't we all learn to spend as much as we need, not need as much as we can spend. What we consider luxury could be necessity for someone else and this is not philosophical talk, this is happening everywhere around us, not just Africa. Look at your neighbours, your friends, people you see on the streets and you'll see what you have is a blessing from someone else's eyes. 

Some say life is short, enjoy it to its fullest. I say life is short, so keep a balance. Don't go around spending $50k in Vegas when you know the person next to you barely has $100 to survive. Enjoy yourselves but give back as well. 

Until next time, take care.

- Adeel

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